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November 12 |  Berlin

World premiere of Tiferet at Maxim Gorki Theater, Studio Я, 70min interactive musical performance with dancers, vocal soloists, 30 voices choir and electronic music.

November 5 | Stolpen

Second performance of  Inmitten des Lebens large work for Baroque Orchestra (period instruments), mixed choir and six vocal soloists. Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble and conductor Albrecht Koch, Festival Sandstein und Musik, Germany.

November 4 | Freiberg

World premier of  Inmitten des Lebens large work for Baroque Orchestra (period instruments), mixed choir and six vocal soloists in marking of the 500 years of the protestant reformation.

Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble and conductor Albrecht Koch, Freiberger Dom, Germany.

September 22-23 | Berlin

Ensemble LUX:NM and singer Claudia Van Hasselt perform the world premiere of TaxiMusic, musiktheater production of FrauVonDa at Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.

Works by Amir Shpilman, Sarah Nemtsov, Eleftherios Veniadis, Amen Feizabadi, and Zigan Aldi.

September 16 |  Dortmund

Teaching workshop about contemporary vocal ensemble music as part of festival. Kongresszentrum, Saal 3, 11:30-13:00.

September 15 | Dortmund

AuditivVokal performs Malleable Images and performance of Malleable Cycle for hundred singers at Chor.Com, Germany’s largest international choirs convention. 20:00, Orchesterzentrum NRW, Dortmund, Germany.

September 13 |  Dresden

AuditivVokal premiere Malleable Images for eight vocal soloists and performance of Malleable Cycle for hundred singers at the Albertinum Museum, Lichthof, 19:30.

September 9-10 | Meißen

World premiere of a piece for hundreds voices in a circle. Coached by AuditivVokal Dresden at the Chorfestival Meißen klingt, Germany.


August 19 |  DordtYart

World premiere of klangmøbil including new composition for newly built instruments jointly designed by composers Amir Shpilman, Sergey Khismatov, Beat Gyssin Ensemble Interface and Hans van Koolwijk.

August 14-18 |  Dordrecht

Residency at DordtYart, Netherlands center for contemporary art with Ensemble Interface and artist Hans van Koolwijk.

August 11-14 |  Dresden

– Teaching a workshop at Hellerau Center “Arranged Compositions of Spatio-Temporal Processes II”

– Experimenting new movement ideas of emergent complex behavior systems at the 15. Internationale Rhythmikwerkstatt “Dalcroze 2017”

April 29 | Radio Broadcast  

DeutschlandFunk broadcasts a portrait program about my work including interviews and excerpts of my music at Forum Neuer Musik with journalist and musicologist Egbert Hiller.

March 30 | Berlin

Mduo premieres Pose un Lapin (2017) for Paetzold Bass Recorder with electronics and Percussion with Miako Klein and Michael Weilacher at Lettretage, Berlin.

March 4 |  Zurich

Ensemble Nikel performs Spins (2016) for Saxophone with electronics and No input mixer at the Zurich International Saxophone festival.


December 18 |  Poland

Excerpts of Destruction for choir and large orchestra performed at Niebo, the closing ceremony of the European Capital of Culture at Hala Stulecia, Wroclaw, Poland.

November 6 | Görlitz

Conductor, Mekomot Projekt: Görlitz, Germany.

October 16-20 | Budapest

Conducting-composers masterclass with Peter Eötvös, Jean-Philippe Wurtz, Balázs Horváth and THReNSeMBLe at the Budapest Music Center (BMC), Hungary.

August 20 |  Germany

World premiere of new work for 80 movers and space, Hellerau Center, Dresden, Germany.

August 16-23 |  Germany

Guest teacher at the 14th International Eurhythmics Workshop, Hellerau Center, Dresden, Germany.

July 13 | Israel

World premeiere of a new work for Ensemble Nikel at the Tzlil Meudcan Festival, Tel Aviv, Israel

July 11 | Radio Broadcast

Featured in SWR2 – music now in a program titled “ad libitum – free spaces in music” by Journalistin Friederike Kenneweg.

The program includes interesting interviews and music examples of composers Jennifer Walshe , Amir Shpilman and pianists Tomas Bächli and Christoph Grund.

June 5-12 | Wroclaw, Poland

European Capital of Culture

Commission by the city of Wroclaw, Poland as part of the project “European Capital of Culture 2016”

for large Symphonic Orchestra of 200 players with Symphonic Choir of 400 singers. Premiere in open air concert on the banks of the Odra River June 11 2016.

Commission by Ensemble Interface, Frankfurt in collaboration with the sound sculpture Hans van Koolwijk, Amsterdam and composers Beat Gysin and Sergey Khisamov.

June 2 | Poland

Conductor, Mekomot Project: Warsaw, Poland.

May 25-28 | Ichenhausen

Conductor, Mekomot Project:Hainsfarth, Kippenheim, Binswangen, Ichenhausen.

May 5 | Erfurt

Conductor, Mekomot Project: Erfurt.

April 7 | Deutschlandfunk Köln

Conductor, Mekomot Project: Forum neuer Musik – Deutschlandfunk Köln – Festivaleröffnung.

April 4 | Essen

Conductor, Mekomot Project Essen.

March 31 | Berlin

Conductor, Mekomot Project: „Raum für Kunst und Diskurs“ Berlin.



Commission by Deutschlandfunk for the project Orte/Mekomot.

In addition for writing a new work for the project Amir will function as conductor of the 22 concerts tour around Germany and Eastern Europe during 2015/16.

October 10 | Berlin

Conducting Orte/Mekomot project premiere.

October 3 |  Dresden

Conductor in mekomot project: Dresden.

September 10-October 3 | New York

EMP engagements

September 16-17 |  Germany

Conductor, Mekomot project: Stavenhagen and Hagenow, Germany.

July 28 – August 6 | Tel Aviv

Conducting Masterclass with Pierre Andre Valade

Ensemble Meitar and members of Ensemble Modern

at the Israel Conservatory of Music, Tel Aviv

April 29 | Tel Aviv

Broadcast of Hedef and Sh’ma

by Kol Hamusica

Israel National Classical Music Radio

program editor Amit Dolberg.




November 13-21| New York, Boston, Washington D.C.


Conducting Ensemble Moto Perpetuo and AuditivVokal

in a collaboration tour in Washington, Boston and New York

including performances of Situation Object.

November 11 | Delmenhorst

Live Broadcast of Situation Object by Radio Bremen

with AuditivVokal

from Theater Delmenhorst in Bremen, Germany.

October 17 |Donaueschinger Musiktage

German premiere of As if these clouds

at Donaueschinger Musiktage with Echtzeit Ensemble and conductor Christof M Löser.

October 11 | Venice

World premiere of Iridescent Stasis at La Biennale di Venezia , Teatro alle Tese.

October 6-9 | Paris

rehearsals of Iridescent Stasis with Ensemble Intercontemporain and conductor Jean Michael Lavoae.

September 26 | Dresden

Performance of Echad by El Perro Andaluz

at Hochschule fur Musik Carl Maria von Weber.

September 11 | Dresden

World Premiere of Echad revised version

at the Stadtmuseum by El Perro Andaluz.

June 24 | Seattle

World premiere of Situation Object

with soprano Mary Mackenzie

at Town Hall Seattle.

June 19 | New York

Conducting US premiere of Hommage anden Klimerkasten by Hannah Eimermacher

with Ensemble Moto Perpetuo’s concert

at the German Consulate in New York

US Premiere of Darkness with Soprano Frauke Aulbert and Pianist Natalie Tenenbaum.

June 10 | Tel Aviv

Israeli premiere of Echad with Ensemble Meitar and conductor David Greilsammer

at the Israeli Conservatory.

May 4-5 | Dresden, Germany

Conducting a fully staged theatrical performance of Here I am, Send me!

at the 250th anniversary celebrations of Akademie der Bildende Künste, Dresden.

May 2-3 | New York

Artistic Director of Philippe Manoury Portrait concerts

with Ensemble Moto Perpetuo

at Lang Recital Hall.

March 24-27 | Zaragoza, Spain

Collaboration with the students of Conservatorio Superior de Musica de Aragon

Performance of Sheketak.

March 15-20 | Heidelberg Spring Festival

rehearsals and performances of Sheketak and Echad

World premiere with Matthias Pintscher and Ensemble Meitar.



September 30 | Tel Aviv

Israeli premiere of Hedef with Ensemble Meitar and conductor Matthias Pintscher.

June 1-2 | New York

World premiere of Here I am, Send me!

at the 14th Street Y Theater LABA Festival.

June 1 | New York

Artistic Director of “Action Painting: The Edges of Sound”

at Baruch Performing Arts Center

Ensemble Moto Perpetuo with guest conductor Jean Philippe Wurtz and composer Raphael Cendo

In collaboration with Ensemble Linea of Strasbourg.

April 1-7 | Heidelberg Spring Festival

– World premiere of Hedef with members of Ensemble Intercontemporain, Ensemble Modern, Asasello Quartet and Conductor Matthias Pintscher.

-Giving portrait lecture about my music and personal influences including live performances of my works with Flutists Eric Lamb, Oboe Nick Shay Deutsch, Horn Saar Berger, pianist Dimitri Vassilakis, Conductor Scott Ellaway and more

April 23 | New York

Artistic Director of “Ramifications of Trauma: A Journey”

At 14th Street Y theater

Ensemble Moto Perpetuo in collaboration with Ensemble Meitar.

March 19 |New York

Artistic Director, Ensemble Moto Perpetuo

Ear Heart New Music Series, at Roulette

in Collaboration with the New Chamber Ballet and Sospeso Ensemble.

February 22 | New York

Artistic Director, Ensemble Moto Perpetuo

Season Opener at TEMP Art Space in SoHo.


Current Projects !


Creating and directing full evening musiktheater performance at the Maxim Gorki Theater, Studio Я as the closing act of “Disintegration” festival, November 2017, Berlin.

The performance includes world premiere of Situation Object 2 for ensemble of vocal soloists and two dancers and performances of recent and older works.

Baroque Orchestra with period instruments, Choir and six soloists for the Freiberger Dom, in collaboration with poet/librettist Nadja Küchenmeister. In marking of 500 years of the Reformation with Johann Rosenmüller Ensemble (Leipzig) and conductor Albrecht Koch. Premiere November 2017, Freiberg Dom, Germany.

Musikteater piece for Ensemble LUX:NM and singer Claudia Van Hasselt as part of the project TaxiTreffen by FrauVonDa in collaboration with stage director Lotte Greschik Film maker Thomas Kuehn and composers Sarah Nemtsov, Amen Feizabadi and Lefteris Veniadis. Premiere September 2017, Acker Stadt Palast, Berlin.

Sound structure for hundreds of voices in a circle premieres in September as part of Chor.Com, Dortmund and Choir festival “Meiẞen Klingt”, Germany.

Work for eight vocal soloists for AuditivVokal, premiere in September at Chor.Com, Dortmund, Germany.