May 23. Augmented Instruments as part of a new musical composition for Ensemble Mosaik, Berlin.

June 20. Open Closed Open a Solo installation in the Jewish Museum Berlin. By the artists Liat Grayver, Amir Shpilman and Yair Kira.

May 28. Tiferet – new version of the performance and an art installation in the 14th Street Y theater, New York.


November 12. Tiferet – full evening, new music theater performance at Maxim Gorki Theater, Studio Я, Berlin.

December 2. – Presentation at the 28. Deutscher Kongress für Perinatale Medizin in City Cube Berlin and closing party of the International Gynecological Society at Clara Angela Foundation. Collaboration with Dr. Birgit Arabin.

May 7. Canto – art installation in collaboration with curator Seol Park at Canto, Immersive salon & Gala at the American Irish Historical Society, New York.

May 18-19. Touch Space – sensual installation performance in collaboration with trumpet player Matthew Conley at Buttons Party, About Blank – Night Club, Berlin.

June 9. Pecha Kucha Campus #3 performance/presentation as part of Langen Nacht der Wissenschaften in cooperation with Hybrid Plattform und Pecha Kucha Berlin.