The Dynamic Speakers © introduce the physical movement of sound in the most realistic way like never experienced before. Unlike sound effects or stationary surround systems, the Dynamic Speaker move freely in space and carry sound in any possible form or shape. This unique experience activate a deep receptive auditory systems that are connected to our instincts as human beings.

The Dynamic Speakers © use blue-tooth technology for the transmission of sound. This technology pairs each speaker with any portable device such as smart phones and personal computers. Blue-tooth is a standard technology for P2P streaming of music and today the technology allows the connection of many speakers simultaneously.

The speakers embedded in soft Polyurethane foam spheres with one opening that emits the sound in a narrow angle in one direction. The directivity is enhanced while the foam absorbs the sound emitted in all other direction. Moreover, the frequencies of the recording can be adjusted to the structure of the speaker’s horn in order to alter the directivity of the sound.

Due to the small weight of the portable speaker and the low density of the foam, the dynamic speaker is easily portable. The soft foam absorbs the energy in cases of impact and makes the speaker safe for interaction and it can be played like any other ball game.

The round form and the materiality of the speaker make it intuitively playful and invites the user for interaction. Once in movement, the sound starts to change according to the speed, direction and type of movement. This encourage the user to keep interacting with the speaker/ball and explore the different variations that it is offering. The compositional and educational potential is vast, unfolding endless possibilities for large spacial formations of sound, art installations and new musical compositions as well as commercial and medical uses.